Price: $22,550 The Mazda3 stands out as an ideal choice for college students. Stylish safe, and available in sedan and hatchback styles

Price: $28,895 The Subaru Outback, though slightly pricier, brings unparalleled value to the table. Loaded with safety and tech features

The Honda Civic remains a reliable and affordable option for college students. With a base model price of $22,350 it features a 158-horsepower engine for practical everyday use

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Price: $20,025 The Toyota Corolla a timeless classic, offers reliability and affordability. Priced at $20,025 for the base model it comes with a 139-horsepower engine

Price: $16,720 The Chevrolet Sonic is a budget-friendly option for college students. Priced at $16,720, the base model boasts a 138-horsepower engine and impressive fuel efficiency

Price: $16,050 The Kia Rio is a reliable and affordable option with a base model priced at $16,050. Its 120-horsepower engine delivers a balance of performance and fuel efficiency

Price: $15,395 The Hyundai Accent, priced at $15,395 for the base model, is a great option for budget-conscious college students

Price: $14,930 The Nissan Versa is a reliable and budget-friendly option with a base model priced at $14,930