The Exciting Unveiling of Honda CB350: A Royal Rivalry with Royal Enfield Classic 350

The much-anticipated launch of the Honda CB350 has finally taken place in India, marking a significant moment for motorcycle enthusiasts. Honda Motorcycle India unveiled this retro classic on the 17th of November 2023, introducing a powerhouse of features and captivating aesthetics. Directly poised to rival the Royal Enfield Classic, the Honda CB350 enters the Indian market with a compelling starting price of Rs 2 lakh ex-showroom.

HONDA CB350 Twin 1972

Down Payment Honda CB350

Details about the down payment for the Honda CB350 are currently not available. Buyers are advised to check with authorized Honda dealerships for specific down payment information.

Honda CB350 Specification

The 2023 Honda CB350 boasts a range of impressive specifications, featuring a semi-digital instrument cluster and an analog speedometer. In addition to these classic elements, the motorcycle embraces modernity with smartphone connectivity, Bluetooth functionality, and a voice-assisted navigation system. Standard features include a tachometer, trip meter, gear position indicator, fuel gauge, service indicator, stand alert, and a clock for convenient timekeeping.

Honda CB350 Design

Honda CB350’s design speaks volumes, strategically targeting the Royal Enfield Bullet market. The motorcycle stands out with metal fenders on both sides and a minimalist color theme devoid of extravagant stickers. Stylish touches such as a chrome exhaust, split seat with a premium cover, tank grip, and a metal cover on the fork contribute to its distinctive appeal.

Honda CB350 Features

Apart from its striking design, the Honda CB350 is equipped with a 348.36 cc engine, paired with a five-speed gearbox. This classic machine not only exudes power but also promises a seamless and enjoyable riding experience.

Honda CB350 Safety Features

Ensuring rider safety is a top priority for the Honda CB350. The motorcycle is equipped with a dual-channel ABS (Anti-Locking Braking System) for enhanced safety during braking. The 18-inch alloy wheels on both ends add stability and control to the overall riding experience.

Honda CB350 Engine

Under the hood, the Honda CB350 shares its engine with the Honda H-Netch 350, featuring a robust 349 cc counterbalanced air-cooled engine. Generating an impressive power output of 21.7bhp at 5,500 rpm and a peak torque of 29.4nm at 3,000 rpm, coupled with a five-speed gearbox, the CB350 promises a thrilling performance on the road. The inclusion of an assist clutch further enhances the riding experience.

Honda CB350 Suspension and Brakes

Hardware and suspension duties of the Honda CB350 are expertly managed by a telescopic fork at the front and rear. The braking system is reinforced with 240mm disc brakes on both wheels, ensuring responsive and reliable stopping power.

Price in India

The Honda CB350 is available in two variants, with the Deluxe variant priced at Rs 1,99,900 and the Deluxe Pro variant at Rs 2,17,800 ex-showroom.

Launch Date in India

The official launch date of the Honda CB350 in India was the 17th of November 2023, marking the commencement of an exciting new chapter in the Indian motorcycle market.


In the fiercely competitive Indian market, the Honda CB350 faces off against formidable rivals, including the Royal Enfield Bullet 350 and Royal Enfield Classic 350.

Stay Tuned for More Updates:

As the Honda CB350 makes its mark on Indian roads, enthusiasts and potential buyers are encouraged to stay tuned for more updates. Whether it’s additional features, reviews, or riding experiences, the journey with the Honda CB350 promises to be filled with excitement.

In conclusion, the Honda CB350 is not just a motorcycle; it’s a statement, combining classic design with modern features to offer riders an unforgettable experience on the open road. Bookings have officially begun, and the roads await the arrival of this iconic retro classic.

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